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The PoolWatcher GmbH firm, headquartered in Düsseldorf / North Rhine-Westphalia, was founded with the goal of increasing safety in hazardous areas such as around swimming pools and ponds. Too often, we read in the press that a child has drowned in a pool yet again, even if the child might have been able to stand up or swim. Even though it’s wonderful to have a pool of your own, the dangers in this area can never be underestimated. This is exactly the purpose of the PoolWatcher.

Tharek Naal, managing director and inventor of the PoolWatcher, wants to minimise exactly those hazardous situations in which children could be injured. Development of the PoolWatcher began in 2005. After five years of countless series of tests and continuous development, the “On-Surface” alarm device was born, the only device of such quality and reliability in the world. The PoolWatcher was recognized internationally in 2010 and presented numerous times on TV. In recent years, the device has been continually developed and improved in an effort to minimise the risk of swimming accidents as much as possible, making safe swimming fun possible.

The PoolWatcher is a device that skims the surface of a pool or pond, constantly monitoring the water for unusual movements. For example, if a child falls into the water, the resulting waves trigger the PoolWatcher’s alarm quickly and reliably. In such a case, a few seconds could be critical in saving the life of a child or an adult.