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Do you have a garden,

  • in which there is a fish or swimming pond?
  • in which there is a swimming pool?
  • in which you build up in the summer for the kids paddling pool?

If your answer any of these questions with yes, then you should read on.

Regardless of whether there are small children in the household or not, the danger area must be secured. Also in terms of ensuring public safety, pool / pond owners are looking for more ways of simple but efficient protection for the danger zone.

Parents who would have lost a child through drowning the phrase “it can go wrong, I'm taken,” or “never happened with me is something” guaranteed never to speak more!

Nowadays would anyone buy a car without a seat belt and airbag? Certainly not, and so one must still ask whether security measures should also be taken for swimming pools and ponds.

The pool watcher can not replace your legal responsibility, but if it can be a good support when used correctly, you will not want to fast more.