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In addition to the PoolWatcher, there are naturally other devices on the market that usually do react to movement of water underneath the surface. But unlike PoolWatcher, these devices most be firmly attached to the edge of the pool. The water level is not allowed to vary from a specified level, either upwards or downwards.

But what if

  • It rains for two days, and the water level rises …?
  • It’s very warm and windy, and the water evaporates …?
  • You have a pool with an overflow system …?
  • You have a pool cover with a flush edge …?
  • You want to protect a pond… ?

The PoolWatcher works according to a very specific system. Due to the secure placement of the PoolWatcher on the water, and the high-quality alarm and sensor technology, the alarm is triggered immediately whenever an unusual movement in the water occurs. The extended development period and countless series of tests have helped to ensure that the PoolWatcher works markedly better than other devices available on the market.


The advantages of the PoolWatcher in a nutshell:

  1. No structural measures required
  2. Not dependant on water level
  3. Can be used with a pool cover
  4. No trip hazard on the edge of pool
  5. Suitable for pools with overflow systems
  6. Suitable for architectural pools with very narrow edges
  7. Suitable for inflatable pools
  8. Suitable for all types and designs of fish ponds
  9. Suitable for all types and designs of swimming ponds
  10. Fool-proof operation

But even though the PoolWatcher offers many clear advantages, it should never be used as a replacement for supervision, especially with young children. The PoolWatcher merely provides an additional safeguard to make those moments of inattention or distraction a little bit safer.