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The PoolWatcher has been constructed from the beginning to withstand many years of combined climactic conditions while continuing to function flawlessly. It is shatterproof and UV-resistant. The monitor electronics, which are located in the middle of the float, are combined with a rod-shaped, rust-proof sensor that “floats” 3-7mm over the surface of the water. When the movement of the water causes the rod to come into contact with the water, a loud, audible alarm is triggered. An integrated voltage monitoring circuit checks the battery and signals when the voltage supply is too low. Even the battery is easily accessible.

Beginning with Version 2, the PoolWatcher is outfitted with a control LED to indicate the current operating mode at all times.

In especially windy areas, we also recommend that you attach the stabiliser plate (sold separately) underneath. This accessory keeps the PoolWatcher in the water even during strong winds or wind gusts.