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Safety for pond and pool

03. April 2012

A pond or even a swimming pool turns a garden into more than just a place for flowers and it can make your little corner of paradise even more beautiful. Although a moment of inattention can make a pool a hazard for people and pets alike, an alarm will put an end to your worries.

A pool is a fascinating place for children, but the PoolWatcher monitors the water at all times to ensure you can react quickly if something goes wrong.

It’s a dream that everyone has had at some point - your own pool in your garden. If it comes true, you can enjoy a refreshing dip on hot summer days, hold pool parties, and it will be the highlight of the neighbourhood for the children. Water has been shown to revitalise both young and old and people have always been drawn to it.

It is a joy to be in such surroundings, but in their euphoria, people almost always forget the danger an unattended body of water can pose to children and adults, and even your beloved pet can fall into the water and into mortal danger - especially if no one is looking out for accidents and there is no one to react quickly. It’s all too easy to say “nothing can happen, I’ll keep an eye out”.

Reality is often rather different – for example, how often will a ringing telephone distract your attention? The consequences will be dramatic and drowning is one of the most common causes of death for children in particular. Even adults are not safe from danger; plenty of people have fallen into pools or ponds at garden parties after a few drinks.

The battery-operated PoolWatcher Poolalarm is an extremely effective, uncomplicated and cost-effective innovation that can save lives. The floating monitoring unit will keep an “eye” on any body of water, including built-in and surface pools, fish and swimming ponds or a natural pond. The device should be in the water whenever people aren’t. However deep the water, it will float to the surface and sound a loud alarm to indicate that someone has fallen in the water.

The PoolWatcher is easy and flexible to use. Place it in the water, switch it on and the source of danger is effectively neutralised. The PoolWatcher’s special construction is rather similar to that of an oil rig - three stabilisers reaching about 20cm down into the water ensure perfect positioning on the surface. The star in the middle, which contains the electronics, the siren and the battery, and the device’s robust construction ensure that false alarms caused by wind or the circulating pump are largely avoided.

PoolWatcher increases safety at the pool or pond. It can never replace the need for supervision, but if an accident should occur, you will be alerted by the siren and can react quickly.