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This information is intended to help you to use our brand and contents, including our logos, contents and trademarks, without worrying whether you need to negotiate a separate agreement or speak with our attorneys. If you would like to use our graphics in any way that is not covered by this document, you must contact us at trademarks@poolwatcher.eu and include a visual illustration of the intended usage.

Usage of PoolWatcher Trademark and Brand Name

PoolWatcher marks include but are not limited to the name, the logo, and any word, expression, graphic or other expression that identifies PoolWatcher as the origin or source for any product whatsoever.

Do not modify or revise these marks, and do not use them in any misleading way, including any expression that may imply sponsorship or endorsement, or in any way that confuses PoolWatcher with another brand.

Do not use the PoolWatcher brand or logo to refer to any other product whatsoever.


PoolWatcher Logo Vertikal

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PoolWatcher Logo Horizontal

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Usage Guidelines


  • Use our official, unmodified logo to represent our brand.
  • Leave at least 150% blank space (buffer) around the logo.

Not Allowed:

  • Do not rotate or reverse (mirror) the logo.
  • Do not animate.
  • Do not duplicate the logo.
  • Do not change the colours of the logo.
  • Do not use other marks or logos to represent PoolWatcher.

PoolWatcher Brand in Advertising or Marketing Materials


  • Use the PoolWatcher logo to show that the device is part of your product line.

Not Allowed:

  • Do not use the PoolWatcher brand or logo to refer to any other product whatsoever.
  • Do not use the PoolWatcher name, the PoolWatcher logo, or any other confusingly similar mark on any device, product, toy, or other advertising article whatsoever.

Naming of Products or Domains

Not Allowed:

  • Do not use PoolWatcher in the name of your website, application or product.
  • Do not register any domain that contains PoolWatcher or any misspelling, transliteration or other similar variation.
  • Do not apply for any copyright with a name that contains PoolWatcher or its equivalent in other scripts (for example, Cyrillic) or similar variations, or the PoolWatcher logo.

By using the PoolWatcher logo, you agree to follow the guidelines stipulated above, as well as our general terms of business and all PoolWatcher rules and regulations. PoolWatcher reserves the right, at its discretion, to change or modify the contents of these guidelines at any time without warning. For more information about the usage of our name or trademarks, please contact trademarks@poolwatcher.eu.