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The PoolWatcher safeguards potential hazardous locations such as swimming pools and ponds by triggering an audible alarm in case of an accident involving small children, senior citizens, or pets.

The secret of the PoolWatcher is its construction, which always ensures that the device remains calm and stable while it skims the water. It is this stability which is crucial for reliability. This means that false alarms due to wind or the circulating pump can be avoided; however, the device must reliably trigger an alarm every time a child falls into the water, even if other factors like wind and flowing water are present. Even the alarm and sensor technology must be top quality, in order to guarantee reliable function every time.

That’s why, from the beginning, PoolWatcher has always placed the highest value on the quality of the materials and electronic components used. PoolWatcher is based on six years of continuous development and the completion of countless tests.


Area of Application

PoolWatcher is designed for use with all types of swimming pools, plus fish and swimming ponds. But PoolWatcher can also be an effective safeguard in a typical paddling pool from a DIY store or even a simple (and yet dangerous) rain barrel. If you are spending your holiday in a house with a pool, simply take your “little lifeguard” with you. The PoolWatcher not only recognizes and raises the alarm in hazardous situations (a child falling in water, for example), but it also notifies you if someone is using the swimming pool without permission (hotel sector).

The PoolWatcher nor any other equipment in this area frees you from the responsibility of supervision.

The combination small children and water (pool / pond) has always proved a dangerous mixture. Many dramatic accidents through drowning show this.

Every year approximately 4000 people die in the horrible manner. Many of these are children who manage to get to the edge of the pool / pond without being noticed. Distractions, the door bell, that telephone, going just to the toilet.

Quick reaction is decisive.

The quicker such a catastrophe is recognised and the quicker a child saved the better the chance that they survive such an incident without serious injury.

This is where the PoolWatcher comes into play. Its job is not to stop such accidents but to recognise them. He can be used in all kind of pools and ponds, no matter what shape or size they have (max. 50sqm).