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1. Is there a certain kind of swimming pool or pond where I can not use the PoolWatcher?

No. The PoolWatcher can be used in any kind and construction form of pools and ponds. The size of the pool/pond should not be more than 50sqm.

2. Is a false alarm impossible?

No. Basically all kind of modern alarm systems can have a false alarm. A false alarm can be caused by strong wind gusts or by an item falling into the water.

3. How can I adjust the PoolWatcher to the circumstances of the pool/pond area?

When you use the PoolWatcher the first time, we recommend, to adjust the sensor to the highest level. Then switch on the cleaning pump. The alarm should not be triggered. Take a bin, filled with water and drop it from about 50cm high into the water. After a short time (10-12sec), the alarm should be triggered. If not screw the sensors more down. Please make sure, that the water surface has calmed down before each new test.

4. How can I recognize, that the battery has sufficient capacity?

Every time, when the alarm was triggered, there is an electronic selftesting procedure, which gives a signal, when the capacity of the battery is getting to low. If the capacity comes to a critical level, there will be a double signal. You can also do a test by triggering the alarm, do a reset and check, if the low battery signal sounds.

5. I am using a pool cover. Can I anyway use the PoolWatcher?

Yes. The PoolWatcher is floating on the water surface. If you want to close your pool cover, just remove the PoolWatcher from the water.

6. How do I switch the PoolWatcher on and off?

The battery compartment includes a small “on/off switch”. Switch this on before you use the PoolWatcher for the first time. We recommend that you leave the device switched on AT ALL TIMES.

7. I want to use the PoolWatcher in my fish pond. Is a false alarm caused by the fishes possible?

We have done longterm testings in all kinds of swim- and fish ponds. It was very rarely, that we had a false alarm caused by a fish. Normally, the fishes are just interested in the new object when you place it in the water first time.

8. I have many Frogs, living around my pond. Is a false alarm possible, when they jump into the water?

It depends, how big the frog is and in which distance to the device he jumps into the water.

9. When should the PoolWatcher be placed in the pool/pond?

Always when the pool is not in use, the PoolWatcher must be in the water. The same applies to a swim pond. In a fish pond is normally no need to take the PoolWatcher out of the water.

10. How long does the alarm sounds after it was triggered?

The alarm always sounds 30 seconds if the reset it not depressed.

11. Which type of battery do I need for he PoolWatcher?

The PoolWatcher works with 2 * 1,5V AA Batteries.

12. Can I check if the PoolWatcher works properly without putting it in the water?

Yes. Just touch both sensors at the same time with your finger. Now the alarm should sound. If it doesn’t please check the correct connection of the battery.