PoolWatcher Logo
  • Development begins
  • Recognition from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) in the context of awarding the German innovations prize
  • Successful completion of the rigorous series of tests to attain the French certificate NFP 90-307 A1
  • Launch of the comprehensive series of tests in pool facilities and ponds with prototypes
  • Participation in and third-place winner of the programme “Die beste Idee Deutschlands” (SAT1)
  • Development of the stabiliser plate and the Easy-Fix system
  • Founding of PoolWatcher UG
  • Market launch, initially in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • Conversion of electronics to non-contact operation (reed switch)
  • Expansion of market into Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia, and Poland
  • Introduction of the PoolWatcher on Austrian television (ORF1)
  • Honoured with the international GaLaBau Innovation Award
  • Limited special model “Black Edition”
  • Revision of the float due to susceptibility to interference by moisture penetration
  • Complete redevelopment of the electronics
  • Sales launch of the PoolWatcher Ambi-Light
  • Rebranding as PoolWatcher GmbH
  • Launch of the investment division (PoolWatcher-Invest)
  • Introduction of the PoolWatcher Version 2 with LED operation status indicator
  • Announcement of the product with a large-scale marketing campaign on TV station N24
  • Radio advertising in Austria and Switzerland
  • Television advertising in Austria, England, and the Netherlands
  • Introduction of the A/C module
  • Introduction of the external alarm
  • Introduction of the remote control with operation status indicator
  • Limited special model “Red Edition”
  • Start of operations in Australia
  • TÜV certification planned
  • Start of operations in USA, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Morocco
  • Introduction of the solar module (solar-charged battery operation)
  • Introduction of the GSM module (PoolWatcher can send an SMS text message to a mobile phone)
  • Open first two locations in countries with strongest sales
  • NSF certification planned
  • Introduction of PoolWatcher Commercial (for hotel pool safety)
  • Conversion from GmbH (LLC) into AG (stock corporation)
  • Issuance of convertible bond
  • Planned issuance: 10,000 shares
  • Introduction of the PoolWatcher II (new design, further advanced technology)
  • Introduction in more countries
  • Opening more locations in countries with strongest sales
  • Introduction of the “Multi-Info display” (shows water temperature, air temperature, and pH balance of the water)
  • May have IPO, depending on market conditions
  • Planned issuance: 12,000 shares