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Safety Notice

Please be advised that the PoolWatcher is an assistance to support the the supervision of your swimming pool / pond. Never neglect your supervision duty in the danger zone! And please always think that the most modern devices can have a malfunction.

False Alarm

A false alarm can happen under different conditions, as for example strong winds, an object falling in the pool or other things. Pay attention to adapt the adjustment of the sensor to your cleaning system.

First initiation

To activate the PoolWatcher you must “wake him up” by touching the Top of the unit with the Magnetkey. After 5 sec. you should hear a beep..beep..beep tone as confirmation. If not, please repeat the last step.

After that please touch the two sensors (one is in the center, the other one is integrated in the bottom of one of the legs) with your fingers at the same time. Now you will hear the alarm signal. If this is not the case, please make sure, that you have really touched the two sensors at the same time and try again. The alarm signal will continue for 30 seconds unless you switch it off with the Magnetkey. If the alarm works correctly the PoolWatcher is ready for use.

Adjusting the Sensor

You can adjust the sensor of the PoolWatcher simply by turning in or out. In order to avoid a continuous triggering of the alarm, pay attention to avoid touching both sensors while adjusting them. The sensor is made of stainless steel to avoid rust on the surface.

Fitting the Sensor for your swimming pool / pond

Place the PoolWatcher into your swimming pool / pond and check the distance of the sensor to the water surface. Under normal conditions (little or no wind) the distance between water surface and sensor should be approx. 3-4mm. Switch on your cleaning system and check the distance of the sensors (no false alarm must be activated by the caused water movement). If the alarm should be activated, screw up the sensor a little. After you have done this adjustment take a normal bucket to check the function in the water, fill it with water and let it fall from a height approx. 1m into the pool. The PoolWatcher should give alarm after short time (10-15sec).

Battery control

The PoolWatcher has a self-checking-system, which at all time controls the capacity of the battery. If the capacity comes to a critical level, you will hear a signal (bep..bep) after the alarm was triggered. In that case carefully open the top cover of the PoolWatcher and pull out the PCB which carries the battery compartment. Change the batteries and put the PCB back in its place. After that you should carry out a function test as described on top.

General Information

If the PoolWatcher should not be needed for a longer period (for example one week or longer), take out the battery as declared above. The battery will last much longer, because checking-energy is floating all times. So you can leave the PoolWatcher in the water for longer period without it taking damage.

  • Avoid any excessive shaking of the PoolWatcher because the electronics could take damage.
  • Carry out a function test before every use by touching both sensors simultaneously.
  • In case of unique triggering of the alarm it should sound 30 seconds unless you touch with Resetkey the colored mark at the top of the unit
  • The PoolWatcher is not a children’s toy and should be handled carefully.

PoolWatcher modes

  LED-Anzeige bei Version-2
Alarm is not active LED blinkt einfach
Touch with magnetkey the top of the PoolWatcher = Unit will enter swim-mode³ (you hear: beep..beep) LED blinkt doppelt
Touch with resetkey during swim-mode the top of the PoolWatcher = Unit will enter monitoring-mode² (you hear: beep..beep..beep) LED blinkt einfach
  LED-Anzeige bei Version-2
Alarm is active LED blinkt schnell
Touch with Magnetkey the top of the PoolWatcher = Unit will enter wait-mode¹ LED blinkt nicht
Touch with Magnetkey during wait-mode the top of the PoolWatcher = Unit will enter swim-mode³ (you hear: beep..beep) LED blinkt doppelt
touch with Magnetkey during swim-mode the top of the PoolWatcher = Unit will enter monitoring-mode² (you hear: beep..beep..beep) LED blinkt einfach
  1. Wait-mode: alarm con not be triggered for 20 seconds.
  2. Monitoring mode: alarm will be triggered by touching the sensors.
  3. Swim-mode: even if the sensor gets touched by waves, the alarm will not be triggered. Device automatically switches to monitoring mode when the water has finally calmed down (at least 3 minutes no waves). After switching back to monitoring-mode you will hear: beep.beep.beep .

The Magnetkey (MK)

The MK is used to switch the PoolWatcher into the different modes. To do so, touch the top of the PoolWatcher. You can extend the MK to 62cm. Please keep the MK at a place, which cannot be reached by children. That also makes it easier for you to always know where the MK is placed. This is very important, because without the MK you cannot operate the PoolWatcher in the different modes.