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Increase Safety With the PoolWatcher

Because of the high number of drowning accidents in pools and other swimming areas, PoolWatcher GmbH and the PoolWatcher alarm device would like to help increase safety around these hazardous areas.

Whether it’s a wading pool, a free-standing pool, or an in-ground pool, the PoolWatcher can increase the safety in any sort of swimming area. Even a garden pond can represent a danger. The sophisticated design of the PoolWatcher means that it can be used in a rain barrel. The PoolWatcher simply skims along the surface of the water and emits a loud audio alarm in case of a possible hazard.

But the PoolWatcher is not only useful for families with children and pets. Adults of any age are also susceptible to swimming accidents or negligence. As part of the so-called “duty of care”, everyone who owns a swimming pool or pond must be aware that he or she could be liable in case of an accident. In addition to the liability that the owner assumes in case of an accident, exorbitant amounts for pain and suffering could also be awarded. The PoolWatcher is a reliable alarm system that helps you to safeguard against scenarios such as these. Even if there is a fence or another safety system, the PoolWatcher provides a highly recommended additional level of security.

Death By Drowning

It’s a familiar situation: do you have a private swimming pool or a pond and have children or adults who like to linger around these hazardous areas? How quickly can a misstep occur or can a small child scramble over the edge? And not only in the daytime – a pool or pond can also hold dangers at night, whether for small children who can roam about (secretly) at night or even for your own partner who, after having a cocktail or two during a wonderful garden party, could fall unnoticed into the water. When this happens, the PoolWatcher would immediately sound the alarm.

It’s so easy to think, “Nothing can happen, I’m already watching!” But the reality can easily be quite different. Of course you’re watching your kids if they are playing in a hazardous area, but what happens if the telephone rings and you only need to talk for a second? There’s a reason that death by drowning is the second most common cause of death – every year, approximately 4,000 people die from drowning in their own pools. Seconds can make the difference, and the PoolWatcher helps you to make use of those seconds.


Urgent Call For Action

France is the first European land to enact a law that requires the safeguarding of swimming pool areas.

In doing so, standards have been adopted which must be met by various security measures.

These security measures are as follows:

  • A wall surrounding the pool area
  • A fence surrounding the pool area
  • A covering construction over the pool area
  • A safety alarm device for the pool area

The first three of these measures tend to be very costly, requiring structural measures and often disturbing the overall architectural impression of the pool or pond area.
Enquiries for alarm devices such as the PoolWatcher, which can be affordable solutions, are climbing substantially. But many devices that have the same objective as the PoolWatcher have a simple design that renders them very unreliable. Also, there are currently very few devices that are certified according to French standard NFP 90-307.
We are very proud to say that the PoolWatcher has received this certification due to its complex, robust, and reliable construction and mode of operation.